Upcoming Cryptocurrency MOJI to bring real Utility to Meme Coins

Zurich, Switzerland, 7th Feb 2023 – Dogemoji (MOJI) coin, a new cryptocurrency, has already been gaining traction among investors and traders in the digital currency space as they eagerly await the start of the coins 6 stage presale. The Dogemoji (MOJI) pre-sale starts on February 11th, with each stage featuring increasing tiered pricing for the coin. As the presale progresses, the price per Dogemoji increases, leading up to its eventual goal of 5 million USD and on-chain launch on the Ethereum network, with guaranteed gains of 5x-10x just from buying at Presale prices investors are happy to pounce on the opportunity for easy returns on their investment.

This has led to a rush of activity among traders as they await the launch of $MOJI, with many smart investors aiming to buy in at the lower prices before the coin’s value increases upon launch. Notably, many investors are selling off their older meme coins such as Doge and Shiba Inu to buy into the Dogemoji presale as soon as possible; and with good reasons. Compared to the stagnated and down DOGE or SHIB, Dogemoji is stated to be a revolutionary coin in terms of utilities, with auto yielding and auto burning mechanisms in place, along with a roadmap of great dapp products, Dogemoji is sure to be a new giant in cryptocurrencies. 

One of the unique features of the Dogemoji coin presale that also is attracting traders is that it is fee-less. However, after the conclusion of the presale stages and the launch of the coin, there will be an on-chain ecosystem tax of 3% in which one part will allow for automatic burning of the supply, and the other part for holders to receive passive income via auto yielding. This also serves as an incentive for investors to buy in as early as possible during the presale, as they can avoid paying the tax during presale and accumulate more the earlier in the presale. 

The New Top DOGE?

Dogemoji coin has already proven to have a dedicated community of early supporters who are actively promoting the coin and helping to drive its growth before launch. This community has been instrumental in creating buzz around the coin and increasing its visibility among investors and traders.

The project’s logo and mascot design, featuring a big eyed adorable gold and white puppy, named Moji, instantly comes off as cute and visually appealing in terms of a company’s identity. Additionally, the coin’s unique utilities and future decentralized products are expected to be a game-changer in the crypto world for “meme” coins, as Dogemoji’s focus will be on passive income, along with creator income via a “Creator Economy” on their upcoming multi-purpose social platform, with other products such as a decentralized exchange that will offer traders AI (artificial intelligence) guided expertise and trading data to help aid in automatic artificial intelligence guided trading, and more exciting products listed on their Roadmap. 


Overall, Dogemoji coin is an exciting investment opportunity with a high potential for return on investment in 2023. With its unique utilities, increasing tiered pricing during the presale, detailed roadmap, dedicated community of supporters, and increasing popularity, it’s worth considering as a potential addition to any digital currency portfolio.

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