Travel TVL: New Changes in the Tourism Industry Under Digital Transformation

Malaysia, 27th Feb 2023 – As travel restrictions are gradually relaxed in many countries around the world, several Southeast Asian countries are also easing visa issuance and travel restrictions, leading to a significant recovery in the tourism industry. Travel TVL, as a leading payment and transaction platform in Southeast Asia, was born to meet this background. The Travel TVL platform was initiated by international capital institutions in Singapore, using the DPOS consensus mechanism and top market planning team to provide participants with the most authoritative and professional travel services through blockchain encryption technology research and development. 


The governance token TVL issued by Travel TVL has an economic system of WEB3.0+DeFi 3.0, creating a TVL-series landing application ecosystem. In the future, TVL coins can be used directly for various consumption during national tourism, which will play a positive role in promoting the development of the international tourism industry.

What are the advantages of TVL coins? Firstly, TVL coins are digital currencies issued based on blockchain technology, which have the characteristics of decentralization and can realize fast and low-cost cross-border payments. Secondly, TVL coins use the DPOS consensus mechanism to ensure transaction speed and reliability, while also increasing system security. Additionally, TVL coins have anonymity and traceability, protecting users’ privacy and transaction information. Most importantly, TVL coins have the characteristic of stable value, which is achieved through the stable coin UESA in the TVL ecosystem. This will provide a secure, convenient, and transparent payment method for the tourism industry.

The application value of TVL coins mainly includes the following aspects:

Travel consumption payment: Using TVL coins can facilitate quick and convenient payment for tourism consumption, avoiding the tedious processes of cross-border payment and currency conversion in traditional payment methods, saving consumers time and costs.

Travel product purchase: Through the Travel TVL platform, users can use TVL coins to purchase various travel products, such as air tickets, hotels, and tickets, enjoying more favorable prices and better services.

Tourism incentive mechanism: The Travel TVL platform adopts a blockchain-based incentive mechanism, rewarding TVL coins through users’ behavior and contributions, encouraging users to actively participate in tourism community construction, and promoting innovation and development in the tourism industry.

Tourism data analysis: The Travel TVL platform implements full tracking and recording of tourism data through blockchain technology, analyzing and mining users’ tourism behavior and preferences, providing more accurate tourism services and recommendations.

The application value of TVL coins mainly lies in its ability to bring more efficient, convenient, secure, and fair services to the tourism industry, creating more value and opportunities for tourism practitioners and consumers.

Through providing digital solutions and tools, the Travel TVL platform empowers physical international tourism projects, mainly in the following areas:

Tourism project financing: The Travel TVL platform can provide financing channels for physical tourism projects, allowing more people to participate in tourism project financing through TVL coin crowdfunding and other investment methods, realizing the sustainable development of projects.

Tourism product promotion: The Travel TVL platform can help physical tourism projects expand their visibility and market share, promoting tourism products to the global market through digital marketing methods. At the same time, the application of TVL coins can also provide discounts and rewards to consumers of tourism products, motivating more people to participate in tourism consumption.

Collaboration in the tourism industry: The Travel TVL platform can promote cooperation within the tourism industry, allowing different tourism projects to share resources and collaborate, improving the quality and innovation of tourism products.

Management of tourism projects: The Travel TVL platform can provide digital management tools for physical tourism projects, making it easier for project managers to manage and monitor projects, and improve project efficiency and operation level.

Overall, the Travel TVL platform provides more empowerment and support for physical international tourism projects through digital means and the application of TVL coins, helping the tourism industry achieve better development and innovation.

The overseas investment projects of the Travel TVL platform are also worth noting. These projects include the five-star diving resort in Komodo, Indonesia, the only private island resort in Indonesia’s National Marine Park, the sea dragon boat inn in Indonesia, the prestigious international tourism project in Boracay Island, the King Neptune diving club in Bali, and the prestigious seafood restaurant, diving club, and international tourism company in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. These projects will provide Travel TVL platform users with better quality tourism services.

The emergence of the Travel TVL platform and TVL coins will bring new changes and development to the global tourism industry. In the future, we believe that TVL coins will become an important digital asset in the tourism industry, providing strong support for the digital transformation and innovative development of the tourism industry. As a global digital currency, TVL coins will make tourism industry payments and settlements more convenient, fast, secure, and transparent. In addition, the emergence of the Travel TVL platform will also provide more efficient and intelligent solutions for information exchange and resource integration in the tourism industry.

With the digital transformation of the tourism industry and the continuous expansion of the global tourism market, we believe that TVL coins will be more widely used and promoted, injecting more vitality and momentum into the development and innovation of the tourism industry.


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