The PathDAO trust investment platform has created more than 100 billion dollars of wealth

United Kingdom — 2022 is the first year of the blockchain development. Under the impacts and challenges of blockchain projects, traditional finance has also accelerated its change by using blockchain to achieve its own upgrading. PtahDAO, as a decentralized trust investment trading platform incubated by LMR Partners-Web3.0 Technology Laboratory, is a breakthrough combination of blockchain technology and financial investment. It deeply implements the governance logic and rules of DAO, realizes the inclusive financial services and drives financial innovation.

The world’s first DAO trust platform is backed by LMR billions of assets.

As the world’s first financial platform for DAO governance asset trust program, PathDAO’s value is not simply migrating trust products or services onto the chain, but giving users a completely transparent, fair and democratic experience with the original DAO concept.

PathDAO is an important step in the transformation of LMR Partners from a traditional finance and investment company to a three-dimensional layout of blockchain + finance diversified ecosystem. Founded in 2009, LMR Partners employs approximately 170 employees to manage more than $9 billion assets in total. In 2019-2022, LMR Partners received a total of $58 million in financing, representing positive outlook for the company. LMR Partners will live up to the trust.

LMR Partners’ PathDAO smart finance platform is not about burning the bridge. It is about boldly facing the trend of the times and seeking greater value for the company and its users around the world.

With a lab worth millions of dollars cultivated, PathDAO empowers the real economy.

In 2021, LMR Partners-Web3.0 Technology Lab received $8 million as soon as it was established! As the core strategy of LMR Partners transformation, the laboratory focuses on the most cutting-edge technology research and blockchain development, system integration, software development, smart contract development and so on, and constantly accumulates experience in independent research and development, and blockchain technology; fully master the underlying technology innovation ability of blockchain, and realize the comprehensive integration with traditional finance, digital ecology, AI, big data and the Internet of things and other industries.

The PathDAO cultivated in such a good soil has strong vitality, and the financial products launched by PtahDAO have extremely strong liquidity and autonomy. By establishing an effective technical system to reduce costs and prevent risks, it enables the real economy.

PathDAO will create more than 100 billion dollars.

Trust asset allocation has the characteristics of low risk and high return. The risk control of trust products is relatively strict, the pledge measures are sufficient, and the risk is relatively low. Most trust products are invested in financing platforms and the asset side returns are high. In 2021, the trust asset allocation created a total net profit of 134.45 billion US dollars, an average of 370 million US dollars per day, 1514.7 US dollars per hour, 257,000 US dollars per minute, and 4283.3 US dollars per second for customers.

As a decentralized trust investment trading platform, PathDAO is a combination of blockchain technology and the breakthrough of the trust asset allocation. It deeply carries out the logic and rules of the DAO governance, not only has high yield and low risk, but participants in all of the decentralized governance mode and provides a more open and transparent, lower threshold, easier operation of financial services, and a fair decentralized trading ecology. According to reliable estimates, PathDAO has doubled revenue for its clients.

Securing assets of a billion users absolutely

PathDAO ensures the high reliability of smart contract trust, eliminates human error, corruption and inefficiency, and ensures the absolute security of user assets through the decentralized technology of continuous iteration of thinking and technology. It is no exaggeration to say that PathDAO will attract one billion users around the world with its superior concept, strong technical endorsement and safe, reliable, high-yield and low-risk characteristics. LMR Partners will also help PathDAO take off with its profound experience accumulated in the industry.

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