The importance of adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle to face pregnancy with serenity and safety

United States, 4th Jan 2023, King NewsWire – As usual, on Monday MAGISNAT’s scientific committee ( met, this time to discuss a current and very important topic: the role of diet during pregnancy ( 

Many studies and researches have shown that diet and other lifestyle factors, both before and during pregnancy, can influence the health of the mother and her baby. 

In fact, nutrition is considered one of the most critical environmental elements that influence both maternal health and embryonic and fetal development. During pregnancy, nutrient requirements increase, in order to support fetal growth and development and to maintain the mother’s metabolism. 

In addition, inadequate intake of important macro- and micronutrients has been shown to adversely affect pregnancy outcomes and neonatal health. 

Therefore, at this meeting, MAGISNAT’s scientific committee wanted to dwell on the topic of the importance of complete and proper nutrition as a preventive action to increase fertility and, subsequently, as a beneficial action for the fetus’ development and growth and for the mother’s health. 

According to MAGISNAT’S researchers and professors, it is important for the mother to take in certain nutrients during pregnancy; and the Mediterranean diet, being considered as the healthiest and most balanced diet, could help preventing maternal and fetal diseases before, during, and even after pregnancy.

Specifically, the Mediterranean diet is rich in nutrients because of the low consumption of meat products, fatty foods, and alcoholic beverages, and the high consumption of vegetables, cheese, olive oil, and fish. Moreover, being a low-fat diet that, on the other hand, is very rich in vitamins and certain minerals (such as folic acid, iron, zinc), it is successful in keeping healthy both the body of the mother and, consequently, the fetus.

All this considered, it is essential for MAGISNAT to inform and raise awareness among people, and especially among women, to adopt a Mediterranean lifestyle, with the aim of bringing well-being to the population and making sure that the new generations will be born healthy and strong and that the occurrence of certain diseases will be reduced.

As Dr. Matteo Bertelli, founder of the innovative spin-off MAGISNAT, says, “Prevention is fundamental. It lays the foundation for the population to reach a general state of well-being, and for women to face pregnancy safely and serenely.”

This is why the new Italian-American company decided to promote a line of dietary supplements containing hydroxytyrosol, called “GARLIVE”, which is currently made up of GARLIVE Recovery ( and GARLIVE Oral Spray (, both available on Amazon (

The strength of these products is their concentrated formula: in fact, they contain more polyphenols than two cups of extra virgin olive oil. In addition, GARLIVE Recovery also contains high dosages of vitamins: among them, for example, B, C, D vitamins (one tablet contains more vitamins than 14 ounces of fruit).  

An admirable and important activity, which aims at improving the entire population’s health status.

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