Susan Oskey Exchanges Messages with Her Deceased Daughter in New Book,

he Scent of Roses sheds light on the polarized notions of death, spirituality, and mental health and unveils the secrets of life after death through real-life experiences 

Medford, NY, 26th May 2023, ZEX PR WIREGrieving mother Susan Oskey shares her self-healing journey with readers in an honest and heartfelt memoir, “The Scent of Roses.” The book is a love letter to her deceased daughter, Brittany, who Susan lost unexpectedly. The shock of her death would have been unbearable if Susan didn’t believe in life after death. Despite the skeptics calling it a coping mechanism, she reconnected with her daughter and opened a door many don’t talk about, fearing judgment. 

In “The Scent of Roses,” Susan Oskey is honest and upfront about her experiences with death, going back years before Brittany’s passing. Growing up, Susan has never been a stranger to struggle, grief, and the resulting perseverance. She had survived the worst of life through crippling depression and anxiety and still found life beautiful. With her daughter by her side, Susan thought her life complete, only to get it all ripped out of her grasp in just a few months. 

“The Scent of Roses” lays the dreary uncertainty of life and provides a unique outlet to channel the most potent human emotions. Susan Oskey has found her way to self-healing, and now she wants you to do the same. Her narrative is coaxing, mild, and insightful, whereas her words are filled with intent and purpose. Susan weaves a story of recovery and healing without sugarcoating the darkest moments of the journey. No matter their spiritual allegiance, readers will want to believe Susan’s experiences, coveting something similar for themselves. 

The Scent of Roses” is the hopeful conclusion to life we all have been craving unknowingly. It makes the end of your ordinary or great life much more inviting and decisive, allowing you a spiritual transformation many thought impossible. 

Learn more about the unique and enlightening concepts of life after death and the connection between the living and dead in Susan Oskey’s daring memoir, “The Scent of Roses.” The book is now available on Amazon in digital and physical formats internationally. Get your copy now!  

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