SOLMOON launched on BSC on February 04, 2023

New York, NYWelcome to SOLMOON! SOLMOON a brand new project trading on BSC (Binance SmartChain). The token aims to be the next Safemoon but much more successful.

SOLMOON launched on BSC on February 04, 2023. As experts predict we are at the start of a major bullrun, we wanted to give the DeFi community something that everyone can rally behind. SOLMOON launched around a $1,000 Market Cap and is currenly trading between $400,000 and $500,000.

SOLMOON’s entire purpose is to give the entire DeFi and cryptocurrency world a SAFE and clean operating token to not only create awareness of the Solana Smartchain, but eventually others as well. Starting by giving 3% Solana rewards just for HOLDING, the team will eventually implement a massive on-chain DAO where the community has the ability to vote on top major projects within DeFi across multiple chains starting with Solana as previously stated. There will be a wallet specificalaly allocated for this DAO that will be invested in the community’s project/token of choice, even if it’s not on Binance Smartchain! SOLMOON will then take the profits of said investment and reinvest profits in the SOLMOON chart, as well as steadily increasing the DAO wallet funds. By doing this, SOLMOON feels that it will create massive awareness and broaden the horizen of not just novice and amateur DeFi investors, but seasoned and experienced investors as well. On top of the DAO, the community will get to choose another main utility of SOLMOON via voting the samee way you would on the DAO. 

 Solana was the main choice of SOLMOON rewards because Solana is a major top 10 Cryptocurrency that is significantly undervalued at the moment. In 2021, Solana hit $260 at it’s all time high while currently trading around $24. Rewards alone can exponentially increase and potentially even cover your initial investment as it already has for some of the SOLMOON investors. Solana network is constantly expanding, building, and growing in not only volume but userbase as well. On Binance smartchain specifically, there has not been many tokens to offer Solana rewards within their contract for holding. The best part about the Solana rewards is, they are distributed AUTOMATICALLY into holder’s wallets without the investor having to do anything to claim them! 

 Speaking from a technical side of the contract itself, it is flawless. Most rewards contracts we have all seen before, implode on themselves for multiple reasons. We at SOLMOON, believe we have figured out the perfect algorithm to where everyone receives their rewards without destroying the chart. The team also has the ability to alter the contract sell specifically to tailor it to the current volume and market capitalization. 

 From a marketing standpoint, the team has shown the unrelenting ability to do what is needed and go over and beyond by miles. They have just secured 16 billboards across the state of New York and NYC. The team has also already set up and massive press release to notify millions and millions of people internationally. They are sparing absolutely NO expense with marketing. The team is made up of a great group of people all from big name projects!

 At the end of the day, we all want to be apart of something bigger than ourselves and make lots of money at the same time. If there is any token in DeFi and Binance Smartchain more specifically that has the ability and resources to achieve unknown heights, it’s SOLMOON. If you have any questions please join SOLMOON’s social support in any of the below social links! 

 Token Details and socials:

 Total Supply – 100,000,000,000,000

 Circulating Supply – 96,500,000,000,000

 Taxes – 11% Buy / 11% Sell 

 Tax Allocations – 1% Liquidity / 3% Solana Rewards / 3% Buy  Backs / 4% Marketing & Development


 Telegram –

 Twitter –

 Contract Address – 0x55f5EA4189FAf59E054C463048405126a5E44dff

 Website –

 Direct Buy Link for Pancakeswap –

Contact Person: Alan Mcornick


Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Study Champ journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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