Shut Down The Animal Foundation

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The City of Las Vegas has to cut ties with this organization immediately and build their own shelter. It’s the only way to save our fur babies!

Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 14, 2023 ( – The City of Las Vegas has to do something about this organization today! Our fur babies can’t wait until 2025! The City of Las Vegas has to cut ties with this shelter and build their own! We are taking on the shelter via Change.Org and asking people to sign the petition asking the City of Las Vegas to immediately cut ties with The Animal Foundation. Sign the petition at

The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas no longer has anyone’s interest at heart; either for the animals or the community they serve. They have been in the news for several years; and none of it is good. From lack of transparancy, to mismanagemet; and questions about treatment of animals to fraud, collussion and contract violations. Due to overcrowding, understaffing, and mismanagement or literally everything within the walls of The Animal Foundation; the ongoing crisis continues to grow and the City of Las Vegas must take action. The city says it may “break away from The Animal Foundation in 2025, opting to build and possibly run its own animal shelter.” The animals in our community can’t wait until 2025!

Last Fall when a disease outbreak caused the shelter to close and stop taking in dogs with no back-up plan, it created havic throughout the entire city. Animals were being dumped throughout the city because The Animal Foundation adamently refused to open it’s doors to strays, owner surrenders and other animals. Animal rights advocates and rescue groups say the way The Animal Foundation is running now is a huge burden on local rescues and a disservice to our community, and the animals.

City of Las Vegas Ward 2 Councilwoman Victoria Seaman said “The problem with The Animal Foundation is we have no control, our contracts don’t allow us to have any say-so, we don’t have anyone on the board, and so we’re in a crisis right now.” How do you write a contract that doesn’t allow you to do anything. Last January when Hilarie Grey took over as CEO in late January is one of serious issues of recent time. She was hired despite having no prior shelter expereience. The Animal Foundation is a tax-payer funded shelter and we deserve answers! Besides the total lack of oversight from the City, animals are being murdered in mass numbers. Granted, some animals may come in sick or injured and their only choice is humane euthanasia. But, animals that are healthy and ready to be adopted are being killed.

The Animal Foundation continues to make news. This time, they murdered a german shephard by the name of Chaze. This poor baby was scheduled to die because The Animal Foundation said “he is a violent dog”, despite showing absolutely no signs of agression and A Home 4 Spot, a local rescue group, willing to sign a waiver of liability and take the dog. Management at The Animal Foundation then decided to cut ties with the rescue, saying it had “nothing to do with the Chaze situation“, telling the local news that a member from their rescue “was mean to our staff.” A Home 4 Spot has rescued more than 6,000 dog from The Animal Foundation, yet they were hell bent on killing Chaze.

Over the last 6 years, of publicly avaialble statistics, The Animal Foundation has killed 11.49% of the dogs it has taken in and 17.17% of cats. Their highest numbers of years obtained were last year where 16.08% of dogs and 17.27% of cats were killed. The Animal Foundation is pure poison in our community and the City of Las Vegas has to step up and save our animals. Don’t let this organization kill anymore of our fur babies!

The City of Las Vegas has to cut ties with this shelter and build their own! Sign the petition at


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Shut Down The Animal Foundation

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