Shiryo INU | Fastest Growing Coin with Play to Earn Gaming System

Shiryo Inu has become one of the fastest-growing meme coins with a total market cap of more than $100 million and a community trust vote of 95.7%. Launched on the Ethereum network, Shiryo-Inu is a card-based game set with ambitions to create one of the best NFT games on the ETH network. The development team has plans to bring Shiryo-Inu at par with the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba, and Floki. The first NFT will be mintable on the Shiryo-Inu Dapp and will be launched soon for the community.

What’s the Shiryo-Inu Game?

The first phase of the Play to Earn Shiryo-Inu game was completed in just seven days, and phase 2 is expected to come out in December. The game will work in the form of the Dapp allowing minting of trading packs. 

Every pack minted by the players will have a combination of cards, and the first collection of cards will be called Shiryo Collection. As the game progresses and develops, the team plans to release more packs and improve the gameplay. 

The players will earn rewards for winning the game and completing weekly competitions, plus incentives. The rewards are given in the form of native token, Shiryo-Inu. 

Minting Cards for Better Rewards

Every card pack has 5 random cards. The players have 1 in 300 odds of getting a mythic card, 1 in 100 odds for a legendary card, and 1 in 30 chances of getting a rare card. Further, there is a 1 in 5 chance of discovering an uncommon card. In all the odds, the players can also get a common card and an element card. 

Anyone can play the game after connecting to the Dapp and selecting 50 cards to form a deck. To play their hand, players require at least 5 element cards (Fire, Earth, Thunder, and Water), and they can place one season card per turn.

About Shiryo-Inu

Built and headed by a doxxed CEO Shiryo-Inu is a play-to-earn game platform and a meme coin based on the Ethereum network. The head of marketing of Shiryo-Inu and the entire team behind its development is also doxxed. Moreover, the users will be safe engaging with a platform that has a renounced contract and locked liquidity. Plus it has been listed on Bitmart and Lbank. The users will have to unpack the cards and play their hand with other players. Winners will be rewarded in the native token. The players with better cards can also summon the Shiryo-Inu monster. 

For more current information, make sure to follow the social media handles of Shiryo-Inu including Telegram and Discord

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