Salon Designers Offering Intimo Warm Wax

Salon Designers brings a new and improved version of Italian Intimo wax for a pain-free waxing experience.


Islamabad, Pakistan, 17th Mar 2022, King News Wire, A beautiful, soft, smooth, and hair-free skin is what everyone desires. Extra facial and body hair is supposed to be removed. However, many low-quality wax products produce unpleasant side effects and your skin suffers. Therefore, for this purpose, Salon Designers Intimo Warm Wax Product is introduced.

Latest Intimo Wax

After thorough research and understanding of new and revised Italian formula, Intimo wax is manufactured. The Salon Designers Liposoluble wax is Colophony and Paraben free  making the waxing procedure non-allergic and pain-free.

This up-to-date product is designed for Asian skin that yields effective outcomes and preserves the skin as well. Moreover, Salon Designers Intimo warm wax product is available with a wide range of products that include pre and post-wax treatment, disposable strips, and wax heating machine.

Let’s discuss the rest of the products:

Pre-Wax Lotion

We have three types of pre-wax lotions available, Argan, Avocado, and macademia. These are available in 100 ml and 250 ml as well.

This lotion is used before waxing. Using this lotion makes the waxing treatment safe and efficient. This lotion is applied before the treatment and it removes the bacteria, makes the skin tidy, and prepares the skin for the procedure. In this way, the bacteria are prevented from entering the hair follicles.

After-Wax Oil

After wax oil is also available in argan, avocado, and macademia. It is meticulously developed from plants oils and vitamin E and is known for its healing properties. The after wax oil has a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect which helps to calm the skin and prevent redness, itching, and skin problems after waxing.

Massaging the after wax oil hydrates and nourishes the skin, and removes the wax residue.

Titanium Dioxide Wax

It is the latest creation of the professional Salon Designers’ Intimo Warm wax products. It is favorable for all skin types including delicate and dry skin. Furthermore, it softens at a low temperature and prevents skin burns.

Zinc Oxide

It keeps your skin hydrated and provides you with soft baby skin. 

Orange, Apple, and Banana Wax

Fruit wax has their benefits, are the most useful ones and leave your skin soft. Orange wax is anti-inflammatory and works wonders on thick hair and dry skin.

Apple wax nourishes the skin with necessary vitamins and hydrates your skin.

Banana wax is suitable for dry skin and removes hair without irritating the skin.


Honey wax is one of the best body hair removal products. It removes hair conveniently and makes skin soft and fresh. 


It is a natural purifying agent. Our lemon wax purifies your skin, reduces skin damage and prevents inflammation after hair removal.

These are Salon Designers Intimo warm wax products for our customers for pleasant and delightful hair removal experience.

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