Reprise Biomedicals Miro3D Wound Matrix Granted Level II HCPCS Code by CMS

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Reprise Biomedical, Inc., a leading innovator in medical biotechnology for wound care, is pleased to announce that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has assigned a Level II Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code to its revolutionary Miro3D wound matrix, effective October 1, 2023.

Miro3D is a three-dimensional porcine-derived acellular graft designed to create a protective environment for wounds, specifically for use in cases requiring coverage of and conformance to intricate, tunneling, and irregular wound beds. Available in four sizes, Miro3D features a consistent two-centimeter-thick porous sheet scaffolding structure. When hydrated, Miro3D softens slightly, adapting well to various wound bed shapes and can be fixated to surrounding tissue using preferred methods such as sutures or staples.

CMS has assigned HCPCS Level II code A2025, Miro3d, per cubic centimeter, to Miro3D. This new Level II HCPCS code permits healthcare providers to bill Medicare and other insurance carriers for Miro3D, thereby making Miro3D more accessible to patients across the country. CMSs acceptance of Reprise Biomedicals HCPCS application and coding assignment reinforces the companys commitment to becoming a leading provider of innovative medical technologies devoted to enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life.

At the core of Reprise Biomedicals product portfolio lies Miro3Da completely unique three-dimensional wound care solution, commented Carrie Powers, CEO of Reprise Biomedical. The three-dimensional sheet scaffolding structure of Miro3D, which can be tailored to fit wound sizes through trimming or cutting, is transforming the treatment landscape for deep and tunneling wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, and other advanced wound conditions, Ms. Powers added.

About Reprise Biomedical, Inc.:

Reprise Biomedical, Inc. is focused on creating and delivering innovative solutions for wound care management through its proprietary perfusion decellularization technology. With a dedication to advancing healthcare, Reprise Biomedical aims to reshape the wound care landscape by offering next-generation technologies that significantly elevate patient outcomes. As the company continues to grow its product portfolio, patients and healthcare providers alike can look forward to the positive impact of Reprise Biomedicals wound healing solutions.

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