Practical Math Teaching Book For Educators Released By Times 10 Publications

Times 10 Publications’ newest book addresses misgivings about math and provides struggling educators with practical solutions, activities, and more. Written by veteran teacher Sarah Strong and co-authored by one of her former high school students Gigi Butterfield, Dear Math is written with a student-driven narrative to help teachers gain insight into the minds of their students.

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The new book was published amid growing awareness of noticeable faults in America’s education system. Classrooms have grown in size, leading to overcrowding and leaving many teachers stretched thin. Math is also typically viewed with disdain, making it one of the most difficult subjects for busy educators to teach.

Dear Math addresses common issues with both teaching and learning math. Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats, the book contains resources and suggestions for teachers to try in the classroom.

Included within the publication are authentic letters from current students about their feelings about math, allowing readers insight into the minds of students navigating the subject. The book examines common themes in these letters, such as how many students view math as a hierarchical subject that prompts them to compare themselves to one another.

Dear Math also covers topics including why many people, adults included, tend to view math with negative connotations, and how such viewpoints can be amended in a classroom setting. It provides suggestions on how math can be seen in a more positive light and includes many possible creative activities for educators to try with their students.

The book is one of the many resources published by Times 10 Publications since its founding in 2014. Mark Barnes, founder and veteran teacher, started the company to help his fellow educators solve problems. With the release of Dear Math, Times 10 Publications remains committed to the mission of providing practical solutions that busy teachers can read today and use tomorrow.

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“In Dear Math, a 15-year veteran math teacher and one of her high school students address concerns about negativity concerning math,” says Barnes. “Digging into the feelings math evoked in hundreds of middle and high school students–that math is unnecessary, oppressive, and intimidating–they explore ways to spin student expressions of unworthiness into an antidote.”

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