Polk County Pagan Market Makes History, Becomes First Successful Public Gathering of Pagans in the East Texas Bible Belt

Pagans and other like-minded individuals gathered to mark the Polk County Pagan Market in what could be termed “unfriendly zone” in East Texas

United States, 10th Dec 2022 – The United States is known for its strong religious atmosphere which has made it difficult for pagans to practice publicly. Several groups and coalitions have sprung up to fight and prevent the advancement of paganism and they have recorded success until November 12 when the first successful event of the pagan community in the United States was held. The Polk County Pagan Market made history in November as the first successful public gathering of pagans and what’s interesting about it is where it was held – East Texas.

Anyone who has heard about the Bible Belt in the United States knows it is a no-go area for anything that is not Christian. The Bible Belt refers to places in the States with a strong evangelical influence and this includes northern Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, southern and western Virginia, West Virginia, the Upstate region of South Carolina, and East Texas. Hosting a meeting for pagans in the Bible Belt is an enormous feat, and that is what the Polk County Pagan Market has done. On November 12, 2022, the Polk County Pagan Market became the first public gathering of pagans in the United States and it was held in an area with a strong christian opposition.

When the announcement of the event was made, it was met with a community uproar, with local churches and Pastors demanding it shut down. Organizers and those connected were met with numerous death threats. On the set date, the Polk County Pagan Market had 50+ vendors and hundreds of people came from all walks of life to network and shop. Two separate groups of protestors lined the roads to the event holding signs saying ‘Repent or spend an eternity in Hell,’ broadcasting sermons from a bullhorn, jumping out at cars and attempting to wave them back. But it didn’t stop this event from being successful. One group of protestors later posted ‘Satan down the road had a market while we rejoiced in our Lord.’

Following the success of the Polk County Pagan Market, the organizers have announced plans to have its next event – Market for Imbolc which is scheduled for February 4, 2023. The Imbolc event would be twice as big as the Polk County Pagan Market and plans are underway to make that happen. There would be about 75 vendors, food, entertainment, and hundreds of people from all walks of life to network with.

The Pedigo Park in Livingston, Texas will host the Market for Imbolc event in February from noon on February 4 until 7 o’clock. For more information and to make inquiries, please visit http://www.polkcountypagan.com/ or follow the group’s Facebook page via https://www.facebook.com/polkcountypaganmarket.

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Organization: Polk County Pagan Market

Contact Person: Jason Mclelland

Email: admin@polkcountypagan.com

Phone: 936-933-7627

Website: http://www.polkcountypagan.com/

Country: United States

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