NFT project ‘Collector’ in partnership business agreement with BlockoXYZ

– WEART’s collector project expected to be minted on 18th, October
– Enters into strategic partnership with BlockoXYZ
– Expectation in expansion of NFT ecosystem through combination of art-infra and Blockchain technology.

(Collector project X BlockoXYZ, enter into strategic partnership MOU, photo by “Collector Project”)

Art platform WEART has stated that they have entered into a strategic partnership MOU with Blockchain specialized company BlockoXYZ prior to their launch of C2E model NFT ‘Collector project’. This business agreement has been made with anticipation in expansion of NFT ecosystem through combination of WEART’s art-infra and Blockchain technology BlockoXYZ holds.
‘Collector project’ is a NFT project by domestic art platform WEART, which has more than hundred thousand monthly visitors. It takes form of C2E (Collect to Earn) model that supports artists through NFT. WEART has adopted a way to go further than simply mediating NFT artworks but to link NFT artworks to sales of real-life art-edition and possessing un original artwork. 

Blocko XYZ is a subsidiary company of block chain specialty group corp.MSP and holds blockchain related know-hows and solutions. In usage of their own platform CCCV, they have successfully launched NFT of LOTTE, KB Card, SPC and more.
Sang won Moon, CEO of WEART has stated that “This MOU business agreement has made collaboration between WEART’s art-infra such as uncountable IP data, contents and more with BlockoXYZ’s outstanding know-hows on blockchain technology possible. We wish to be able to get closer to our goal, globalization of K-ART.

Meanwhile, Collector project has received attention by reveling first minting artist Hori naoko’s pieces. Collector project will be minting its first artist on 18th October. More details can be found on Collector project website and through community.

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