NFT Expert Lee Richter To Speak at the Alexander Park TEDx Event

Sugar Hill, GA – To NFT expert Lee Richter, NFTs aren’t just collectibles, but tools that allow brands to turn their audience into a community. To shed light on the potential of these new digital assets, Richter will be taking the stage at the TEDx Alexander Park event on February 25th in Sugar Hill, Georgia.

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are digital assets validated on the blockchain for authenticity and ownership. In the last years, several NFTs have sold for millions of dollars, winning them the fame of some of the most expensive collectibles on the planet. Richter, NFT creator and best-selling co-author of the book Blockchain Life, doesn’t agree with this vision of these digital assets. To her, NFTs are more than collectibles; they are marketing tools and more.

A novel vision of NFTs

“If you take a look at big global companies like Starbucks, or Gucci,” Richter said, referring to the fact that these brands’ recently started using NFTs, “you’ll see that they are using NFTs to create an experience for their customers, and get their clients to buy into the community they are building around the brand.”

A vision that detaches itself from the one that sees NFTs as collectibles and takes it a step further. In fact, during her speech at the TEDx event, she will also present her vision of how NFTs could potentially become part of our everyday life and make it easier, just like smartphones and digital information before them.

An inevitable progress

“What is now happening with NFTs is something that has happened before,” said Richter, comparing the age during which all important documents were paper items to today’s digital approach. “After years of file cabinets, basement boxes, and storage units holding all of these keepsakes and paper items, we finally thought of going digital. We soon realized that having our assets in digital form saved us time, money, and space. We could access documents, photos, medical records, and order histories at the click of a button.”

According to Richter, it’s inevitable that NFTs will bring on a similar change. However, Richter believes that not everyone is seeing the forthcoming change, especially the media. “Most people gloss over NFTs as if they are just digital pictures of monkeys or other art…and unfortunately, that is what gets the most media attention,” she says, and many global brands seem to agree with her. In 2021, Coachella earned enough income to finance their next concert series by selling 10 lifetime passes to their event. And today, in 2023, Richter is helping one of the most ancient institutions in the world to be at the frontline of the NFT movement. “Even the Vatican, one of the traditionally late adopters of technology wants to be at the forefront of this movement,” Richter says.

The theme of the TEDx Alexander Park event is Dr. Seuss’s quote from the Lorax: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

The TEDx Alexander Park event will take place at the Eagle Theater in Sugar Hill, Georgia, and will start at 9 am EST.

About the Speaker

Lee Richter is the CEO of nine companies and a member of the Forbes Business Council. An international bestselling author, she creates and collects NFTs and advises businesses and brands on leveraging them to increase profit and engagement. Lee is an award-winning entrepreneur and business mentor to top global influencers.

How to Find out More

Lee Richter will be a keynote speaker at the Alexander Park TEDx event on February 25th. Secure your ticket to discover all the potential uses Richter sees for NFT and how to participate in this change.

About Lee Richter:

Lee Richter is an award-winning business innovator and global visionary recognized recently by the San Francisco Business Times as one of their Top 100 Women Business Leaders for the seventh year running. In addition, she has been featured on the list of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past two years.

As the CEO of multiple companies, a #1 best-selling author, an Abundance Studios(TM) Producer, and a member of the Forbes Business Council, Lee’s passion is to connect with innovative leaders making a global impact. As an entrepreneur since the 1990s, Lee has built and sold several multi-million-dollar companies. Lee loves collaborating and creating value in the global marketplace. For more information, visit

Richter Communications & Design Group

300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Suite 262
United States

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