Love Zhejiang, the Great Cultural and Literary Centres of China – Sharing Experience In China With 20 Awarded Videos

China, 13th Dec 2022 – We are a bunch of individuals from various nations. We live, work, study, and pursue our passions in Zhejiang, China. This place has stunning natural beauty, yet that is only a tiny portion of what we adore about it. Additionally, it is one of the origins of Chinese silk and ceramics and has more than 10,000 years of human civilization. It symbolizes China entering a new era and features modern structures and an absurd way of living.

It is the most developed region in China in terms of eradicating poverty and fostering economic prosperity, according to the citizens and the government of Zhejiang. We are delighted here, despite coming from various nations and cultural backgrounds, and we are eager to share that happiness with you. We hope you can sense our joy and join us in sharing these things.

  • Sharing Our Experience On YouTube

“Beautiful Spray” is the name of a YouTube Channel where we all share our experiences with everyone. Our videos are present on this channel produced by the Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Research Center.

We are 20 bloggers and created these videos to highlight the local arts and tourism. Each video has one of us talking about their history and time spent in China. Visit the YouTube Channel and watch each video to learn more about us!

  • Combined Views And Experiences

Longjing tea from Zhejiang is the beverage of choice for Tania, a Russian immigrant who has lived in China for more than ten years.

Turkish-born Levent has lived in China for six years. Levent has always been drawn to Hangzhou’s inventiveness.

Today, Aleks from the US visited the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street. It is the location that best captures the fusion of culture and commerce in contemporary Hangzhou.

For eleven years, Yibo has been conducting overseas business in Zhejiang. The man from Burkina Faso is already accustomed to life in this country; the ideal business climate in Zhejiang gives him a sense of home.

With the help of his tale, American author Aleks transports us to Longquan Celadon’s past while also illuminating its origins, history, beauty, and cultural legacy. Naira from Armenia is very passionate about dancing and speaks even more persuasively about Chinese ballet.

Svita, a Russian national, has been operating in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, for 15 years. She has experienced e-business commerce’s potential during these 15 years and Yiwu’s growth. Similarly, we all have the same thoughts and best encounters in China!

It takes a few finger movements on a smartphone to perform various tasks and effectively arrange your life! The German citizen Marina’s primary impression of digital life in Zhejiang is this. A mobile phone has significantly increased their family’s effectiveness and quality of life, allowing for electronic payment, grocery store delivery, online car-hailing, and full-time mother use.

Check Out Our 20 Videos On YouTube

We should introduce the YouTube channel and share our beautiful experiences in China. We encourage viewers to follow the link to view 20 “I Love Zhejiang” videos to learn more about our histories and what we find in China to be fascinating and complete.

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