KYNNO – the 1st Web 3.0 Data Intelligence Vault Announces IDO Launch

Dammstrasse, Zug, Switzerland, 24th May 2022, King NewsWire, KYNNO, a Web3.0 Data Intelligence Vault, has announced the launch date for the 1st round of its Private Sale. The upcoming IDO round will be opened to Whitelisted investors only, and the spots are limited to 500!

What Is Kynno?

Kynno gets its name from the Old French and Greek word: “Kynosoura” which means The Center of Attraction.

Kynno is introducing the 1st Web 3.0 Data Intelligence Vault powered by its own layer-1 blockchain where users, organization and developers will safely and securely store their data by leveraging the power the Kynno Blockchain, Zero-Knowledge Proof Protocols and Artificial Intelligence.

For users, the Kynno Data intelligence Vault will interface with the main existing ecosystems to aggregate:

•          Web 3.0 identity

•          Tokens & NFTs

•          Personal data & information

•          Real-life Assets Metadata

•          and much more …

All this in the most efficient and secure way, powered by its own disruptive Layer-1 blockchain, the Kynno Blockchain. Once aggregated, it is sent to the Kynno Data Intelligence Hub to be analyzed, organized, and displayed to each user.

Data Privacy is a key aspect of Web 3.0; Kynno uses the best data encryption technologies, such as Zero-knowledge Proof protocols, making it accessible and controllable by its rightful owner only.

For organizations, Kynno provides a best-in-class layer-1 blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proof protocols to store clients’ and employees’ data securely. It allows organizations to safely interact with other blockchains and ecosystems.

For Developers, the Kynno blockchain efficiency and EVM compatibility open doors to endless dApps and use-cases.

Kynno’s Data Intelligence Vault & blockchain are paving the way for cutting-edge dApps and real-life use-cases such as:

•          Web 3.0 identity management

•          e-voting

•          Personal Data Monetization

•          Real-life assets NFTisation and Tokenization

•          Luxury Assets Authentification

•          Universal Health Passport

•          Instant KYC

•          Credit Score check

•          Enhanced Online Buying experience

•          Professional Experience check

•          Crypto Tax Compliance

•          and much more…

The KYNNO IDO Details

Kynno will launch its Private sale round 1, accessible through Whitelist and limited to 500 spots only.

The Private sale will account for 8% of the token supply. 5% of the allocation will be released on token launch, then after a cliff period of 3 months, 95% is released monthly over 12 months at a monthly rate of 7.92%

The price of the $KYN tokens for this first round is set at $0.024.

The Private Sale Round 1 is set for Saturday, May 21, 2022.


KYNNO is a project that aims at building real-life use cases, which will continue to grow as the blockchain space expands. Creating the 1st Data Intelligence Vault will ensure Kynno plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of blockchain technologies for users, organizations, and developers alike. It will also accelerate the rate at which blockchain technology is adopted in different sectors for the benefit of everyone.

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Media Contact

Media Contact: Kynno

Contact Person: Katib Belkhodja

Email: Send Email

State: Zug

City: Dammstrasse

Country: Switzerland


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