Hyperspace Defines the Future of Identity in the Metaverse with 3D Avatars

Phoenix, Arizona, United States, 8th Oct 2022, King NewsWire, Hyperspace, an intuitive, drag-and-drop “no code” metaverse platform, is shaping the future of identity in the metaverse with 3D avatars. The user-friendly Hyperspace platform uses a proprietary technology called Universal Avatars to power their 3D avatars and users’ metaverse identities that can be used throughout various virtual worlds and websites. Universal Avatars are optimized to perform at scale so thousands of Avatars can visit the same virtual places.

The system, which does not require any specific device or software download, allows users to sign in using an email and password, a LinkedIn account, or what’s known in enterprise, government and education as – SSO (single sign-on) option. This means that users can sign in with credentials from their organization with their identity attached to their avatar, allowing them to take that avatar to meetings, a series of virtual events from different organizations, immersive training experiences, or anywhere else within the metaverse. The avatars can also be used for AI chatbots and customer service support purposes.

Hyperspace avatars are completely customizable, with over one billion style combinations. Users can choose their avatar’s physical appearance, clothing, movement, embodiment, and lifelike gestures and expressions. The customizable 3D avatars help create a sense of co-presence, which allows for shared experiences that can lead to a sense of community, and belonging. Lifelike gestures and postures such as hugs, high-fives, and handshakes that accompany the 3D avatar help with self-expression and allow more meaningful engagement beyond simple emojis. 

“As virtual worlds become more popular, there has been a lot of discussion about what type of identity to use in these virtual spaces.  In a continuously increasing digital world, we’re craving connection and personality. We want to see people in a real-life context. It’s meaningful—and that’s exactly what 3D avatars offer. They allow your audience to completely immerse themselves in your world. And it all starts with customizations, options to personalize it and make it truly their own. Hyperspace has created a form of identity expression in the metaverse unlike any other,” stated Danny Stefanic, CEO of Hyperspace.      

“Using Universal Avatars, you can take your identity everywhere, across experiences. I believe that is really important for creating a truly interconnected metaverse that allows your digital twin to seamlessly interact with people, places and things in the virtual realm. These unique, customizable 3D Avatars can be used to fully enhance presence within the metaverse, especially during virtual events, learning and development training, meet-ups, support and sales, and even medical and patient care,” added Stefanic.

Hyperspace gives metaverse users the ability to accelerate their business into the metaverse and drive deeper connections through shared immersive experiences. The intuitive platform can be used for events, training, marketing, or remote work. The Universal Avatars will allow users to fully take charge of their identities when in the metaverse and customize their Avatar with job specific clothing options, hair, makeup, and more. With the 3D avatars from Hyperspace, metaverse users can take digital communication and identity to the next level with the ability to convey verbal and nonverbal communication with their digital twins.A high degree of customizability allows attendees to create 3D avatars representing who they are and how they self-identify. 

To learn more about Hyperspace, go to www.hyperspace.mv.   

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