Goliath Systems Announced Crypto Coverage Investment Fund for Blockchain Technologies

Baltimore, Maryland, United States — Goliath Systems is introducing a new Crypto Coverage Investment Fund that helps its clients gain a diversified investment in crypto and blockchain technologies.

Goliath Systems has blockchain mining operations and services, and the business behaves similarly to a private equity group for crypto-assets. The methodology used by Goliath Systems to identify profitable NFT and ICO businesses has outperformed the stock market and bitcoin by a factor of ten or more.

Goliath System’s new unique Fund Structure focuses on three distinct implications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies: mining and production, product and coins, and utilities and NFTs. The fund aims to ensure investors with crypto coverage while posing far less risk than holding cryptocurrencies directly. The organization assists several NFT projects and coins in updating whitepapers and collaborating with developers to encourage project growth.

Goliath Systems collaborates with currency and NFT developers to talk about growth strategies. Before beginning advisory work, Goliath buys sizable stakes in projects and sells those positions after growth catalyst targets have been reached within a predetermined time frame. Additionally, Goliath Systems oversees a portfolio of long-term investment initiatives that it predicts will rule the cryptocurrency market in the ensuing 10 to 15 years.

The company’s overall investments increased by 176% in the previous fiscal year. Nowadays, the company is on track to growing investment funds by 25% within the following year. The company’s YTD losses are around 15%, far outperforming the overall crypto market and the SPY.

The CEO of the Company said, “Blockchain is still in the early adopter’s stage; our company is actively trying to secure early investments in long-term projects we believe will grow into the Amazon’s and Facebook’s of Web 3.0.”

Cryptographic security has cleared the road for the world’s economic future. Goliath is now entirely dedicated to delivering extensive exposure to the Crypto Industry. This program includes investments in the production of cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrencies themselves, and the seemingly limitless applications of Crypto-Securities. With the confidence that the rest of the globe will widely adopt Blockchain and Cryptographic Technologies by 2024. As Brandon Cao, the CEO of Goliath Systems writes: “The storm is coming; Blockchain is here to disrupt the traditional financial institutions. Decentralization will return the power of central finance to the people.” 

Visit: www.goliathsystems.net for more information.

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Company Name: Goliath Systems 

Contact Person: Brandon Cao

Email: brandoncao@goliathsystems.net

Website: https://www.goliathsystems.net

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