Globiance and Metaverser – The Revolutionary Fusion of Global Finance with the Metaverse

Hong Kong, China — Globiance and Metaverser have come together to develop a close co-operation and working relationship between Globiance and Metaverser.
Globiance Founder and CEO Oliver Marco La Rosa and Anoush Ohadi Founder of Metaverser, have come together to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration. This endeavour will provide the necessary framework to create broader platforms, expand the user-base and open a gateway for worldwide adoption.

Metaversers newest project inside of Metaverser “Crypto Valley” is the prime location of the Metaverse. An engaging virtual space, with uniquely customized buildings designed by the top architects of Metaverser. The detailed graphics and features of Crypto Valley on Metaverser, add to its list of attractions, making Metaverser a fun and engaging experience for participants.

Crypto Valley is an exciting world of opportunity for top crypto companies to enter into, and Metaverser is opening the door for future ventures, infinite possibilities, and beyond.

By establishing the first “Branch” in Crypto Valley, Globiance has been creating its home-base to facilitate operations and offer services to clients.

Oliver Marco La Rosa, has also agreed to take on the role of ‘Financial Advisor’ for the project. He will be leading the initiative to attract new projects, and inviting them to join and participate within Metaverser.

About Metaverser
Metaverser is a virtual world that enables users to have fun while playing inside its metaverse and earn income from different play-to-earn games. Metaverser offers play-to-learn missions and challenges. The game incorporates both the world-of-finance and gaming, providing gamers with opportunities to generate income while they play. Gamers have more control by adding real-world value to their online entertainment. Metaverser offers Virtual Reality technology, Free-to-Play, Game, Rent-to-play and more.

About Globiance
Globiance is a banking and exchange platform complete with payment gateways, banking services, stablecoin, and a centralized and decentralized marketplace. Globiance offers services for both corporate and retail customers from branches in 13 countries, servicing 5 continents – with more on the way. Users have access to crypto and Fiat wallets in many currencies. The personal bank/debit card is a convenient way to access crypto, shop, transact, earn rewards and more. The Platform’s deflationary token – GBEX, is the house-token of Globiance.Globiance is on the XDC network (XinFin) Blockchain 4.0 which utilizes fast, military-grade, secure software. It has minimal transaction confirmation times, and the lowest transaction fees. It also has ISO 20022 interoperability and even forensic tools.

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