D-Central Technologies Issues Final Reminder to Its Customers for Bitcoin Mining in Quebec

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Laval, Québec, Canada, 3rd Sep 2022, Ranked sixth in the world among major energy producers, Canada is uniquely positioned to benefit from crypto miners. Finally, Hydro-Québec will return an additional block of 300MW which can be made available to Bitcoin miners. After a nearly four-year moratorium and questionable operating conditions, the industry is finally turning the page on an old file.

“Today is not like 2017 or 2018, where the questions were still being asked. Bitcoin is here to stay, grow and take our financial independence to a new level. We keep all our financial information in the hands of the big companies. Things are changing today, and Quebec can still be a world leader in this regard. There is a significant direct and tertiary economy to be developed around Bitcoin and mining,” explains Jonathan Bertrand, CEO of D- Central.

Bitcoin is a censorship-resistant store of value. For this reason, it is valuable to citizens of countries trapped in heavily government-devalued fiat currencies, such as Venezuela, Argentina, Nigeria or Zimbabwe. Many of the same tools can help the world’s poor and can also help the average Canadian. For example, Canadians still pay exorbitant bank fees for simple transactions in Canada. Bitcoin is also censorship-resistant in the sense that the network is consensus-based. In this sense, if Bitcoin achieves its goal of being a global haven, it is essentially a matter of national defence for the nations where the hashrate is distributed.

“100 years from now, we will take moments like this for granted. On the other hand, I believe that today, many people are still wondering about the relevance of Bitcoin and the relevance of devoting significant energy to it. However, we must not fall into the popular bitcoin scary boat boiling our oceans. Even at a valuation in the billions for each bitcoin, it is unlikely to consume more than 0.5% of the world’s energy. Instead, focus on removing the environmental impact of power generation and utilizing the externalities of mining, such as heat reuse, grid balancing, and waste recovery, such as flaring” said, Jonathan Bertrand.

D-Central makes a final appeal to its customers to be ready to make their requests to the distributor, Hydro Quebec. In mid-September 2022, Hydro-Québec will launch a capacity allocation process for cryptographic use applied to blockchains.

“Quebecers are the beneficiaries of mining operations who settle there. The Quebec Bitcoin sector will become an even more critical customer for Hydro-Quebec, possibly representing approximately 2% of its revenues. This has the effect of lowering electricity prices for individuals and subsidizing new energy production projects for Quebecers. In addition, unlike exporting, we waste much less energy on transport. We also keep taxes for Quebec and Quebecers, not to mention the thousands of well-paid jobs,” adds Gabriel Cormier Labrecque, Head of Mining Operations at D-Central.

D-Central Technologies’ network of partner sites is constantly expanding, and the desire to serve its customers with the best opportunities is the driving force behind this organization. D-Central is an essential partner for your Bitcoin mining projects, with service available across North America.

It goes without saying that with all the world-renowned technical support from the D-Central Technologies team, mining customers benefit from a technological superiority over the competition that few can boast of. To learn more about D-Central Technologies hardware, hosting, maintenance, and repair services, visit their website: https://d-central.tech/  or follow them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DCentralTech/


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