Chemical-Free Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil To Reduce Seizures In Dogs

In this recent announcement, Pet Vets Rx introduces dog owners to a nutrient-rich premium, non-psychoactive hemp oil tincture that can help reduce the incidence of seizures in dogs. Pet Vets Rx Hemp Tincture is a USDA-certified organic nutraceutical that is chemical-free and blended with virgin olive oil for a regular strength or extra strength, non-pharmaceutical intervention.

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Seizures are one of the most commonly reported neurological issues in dogs. As many as 1 in 20 dogs can experience a seizure in their lifetime. And although isolated and rarely life-threatening, seizures are nonetheless traumatic for dogs and dog owners alike. Pet Vets Rx is now launching a natural organic hemp oil tincture that can be used to manage this condition.

Research finds the properties present in phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil can prevent convulsions and epileptic symptoms in dogs. A survey released by the American Holistic Medical Association says between 61% – 95% of pet owners endorse the benefits of hemp oil.

Pet Vets Rx explains that with the legalization of hemp throughout the US in 2018, research into its curative properties has been extensive. Early returns demonstrate extremely promising healing potentials in pets, especially dogs.

The phytocannabinoids found in hemp extracts and concentrates contain more than 100 different active substances which can reduce inflammation, anxiety, and depression, and may even address cancer.

And while these compounds provide their own benefits, they can take on additional qualities when acting in concert with other compounds. This is known as the “entourage” effect and is the reason why Pet Vets Rx recommends dog owners always look out for broad-spectrum hemp extracts in the products they’re researching.

In addition to the potential to reduce seizures in dogs, long-term use of hemp products can also lead to shinier coats, healthier skin, and a reduction in reactive behaviors.

A Pet Vets Rx spokesperson says, “Your pet deserves the best. Our Organic Hemp Tinctures are made with 450 mg or 900 mg of broad-spectrum hemp oil distillate and are third-party tested and USDA-certified organic. It’s also chemical-free and alcohol-free so you can feel good about managing your dog’s seizures with this natural and vitality-enhancing supplement. If you’re new to Pet Vets, you’ll get 20 percent off your first purchase. And whether a new or returning customer, you will always get free shipping on orders over $80.”

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