Catoshi integrates Chainge Finance cross-chain infrastructure to access unlimited liquidity

Catoshi integrates Chainge Finance APIs to bring secure decentralized cross-chain technology to the fintech industry, accessing $70 Bn+ in liquidity and bridging 1400+ tokens across 17 chains.

New York, NY, United States, 31st Jan 2023 – Catoshi, a leading crypto-bridging service, has announced its partnership with Chainge Finance, a DeFi mobile native app and the most liquid Web3 trading venue on the market. This partnership allows Catoshi to access Chainge’s cross-chain aggregated liquidity, enabling bridging of over 1400 tokens across 17 chains with a combined liquidity of over $70 billion.

Chainge Finance was founded by the prominent entrepreneur DJ Qian – also founder of Bitse (VeChain, Qtum), co-founder of Anyswap, and Founder & CEO of Fusion. This complex yet easy to use DeFi app is more than just a wallet or a DEX aggregator: it serves as a comprehensive interoperability solution, a decentralized passive income generator, and more. With this partnership, Catoshi can now offer its users a flexible and completely decentralized bridging solution, while ensuring the security of their clients’ assets.

Fusion DCRM, the technology that powers Chainge, is a state-of-the-art multi-cross-chain solution that aims to resolve the interoperability dilemma the crypto market is currently facing. DCRM uses a decentralized custodian model and the latest cryptography technologies in Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) for Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) to provide a distributed key generation and transaction signing algorithm. 

DCRM has been developed over a year with the help of some of the most world-renowned cryptography experts, including Rosario Gennaro, Professor of Computer Science at CUNY; Steven Goldfeder, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University; Louis Goubin, Professor of Computer Science at University of Versailles; and Pascal Paillier, Ph.D., CEO and Senior Security Expert at CryptoExperts.

Chainge APIs integration makes Catoshi a highly competitive solution, by offering its users the best bridging technology available, plus highly competitive prices. Catoshi will remain a desktop-focused platform, while Chainge will continue to serve as a mainly mobile-native app.

Catoshi has always aimed to provide a decentralized cross-chain solution and has previously used a centralized bridging system for security reasons. However, with the advent of secure decentralized bridging technology like Fusion DCRM, Catoshi can now offer its users a completely decentralized solution. The ability to bridge so many tokens and stable coins across 17 chains, combined with access to maximum liquidity, will significantly increase bridge volume and offer their users with the best prices possible.

In conclusion, Catoshi’s partnership with Chainge Finance is a significant milestone in its journey towards providing the ultimate decentralized cross-chain solution. The Catoshi team is excited to see what the future holds and what possibilities this partnership with Chainge Finance opens up.

About Chainge Finance

Chainge Finance is a leading multi-chain DeFi platform that currently stands as the most liquid cross-chain aggregated DEX on the market. It allows users to instantly set up a self-custodial wallet on their phone, send and receive assets with minimal costs, cross-chain roam 1400+ assets among 30+ chains, trade in the DEX (Spot, Futures & Options), add liquidity in the Chainge DEX Pools and earn passive income. The platform also offers a decentralized escrow service for buying and selling any asset or service.

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