Angry Sheep Club Partners With Iconic NonFungibleCompany.Co With The Aim To Create Next-Generation NFTs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 6th Dec 2022 – NFT community Angry Sheep Club recently joined hands with Non-Fungible Company (NFC) to develop an ecosystem of like-minded mavericks, all actively working to generate wealth and happiness, and create something greater than themselves.

The Angry Sheep Club is a private membership club dedicated to genuine, driven, and like-minded individuals who are all out to generate wealth and happiness, rejecting the status quo by doing things their own way. The group was created in 2022 beginning with the intention of supporting people in their quest to create prosperity in all facets of their lives. The NFTs in the collection are connected to the app that You Said App Co. is creating.’s goal is to fundamentally change the way humans view personal and professional interactions and how they benefit from them. 

Angry Sheep Platinum Series NFTs is a limited-edition assortment of 15,001 utilitarian collectibles created by Dafck artist, developed in collaboration with Non-Fungible Company to support the Angry Sheep Club’s initiative. These are set to be minted in five separate private Presales. The collection is meant to be more than just collectible NFTs – these are part of a collaborative, generative, self-sustaining ecosystem centred around community and entrepreneurship.

“This meaningful character, the Angry Sheep, express the inner sheep that resides in each of us and that asks to be able to express itself freely.” – says DaFck, the artist who created the Angry Sheep meaningful character.

Buying the NFTs offered by the Angry Sheep Club automatically allows you to unlock the exclusive Holder Zone which offers a list of benefits to the holders, and this is where the magic happens. Members gain direct access to the Club’s founder, the Mastermind sessions, as well as the Think Tank where members can influence the development of the app and everything that will come after in Web3 and get the commercialization rights to the NFTs you minted. This zone promises to give members all the support, connections and opportunities needed for growth—as a person, an entrepreneur, and as a member.

Holder members also have access to the Platinum Pools which allow them to become eligible to claim their fair share of any philanthropic contributions made to a Pool by other members or donors. Additionally, members who are among the first to mint the Angry Sheep Platinum Series Collection NFTs will qualify to get the OG Minter role and, in addition to any charitable contributions that may be made in the OG Minters Pool, 5% of each resale will go in this pool to be claimed only by its holders who own one of the first 2,000 NFTs minted. Only NFT numbers #0 to #1,999 allow their holders to be able to claim a share from this pool. These first 2,000 NFTs are very special.

“It’s easy to promise Holder members earnings, passive income or a percentage of profits, but most projects fall through. It’s either empty promises, or promises they can’t uphold. Or, in the end, all you really got was a cool NFT—which, if that’s your only goal, is awesome!” says Shepherd, Founder and Innovative Visionary Strategist at Angry Sheep Club. “We want more than just to buy, sell, and trade commodities. We want to invest in more than just projects that are big, blinding sparks at first, but end up fizzling out because their modus operandi wasn’t sustainable. We want something different. We want something unique. We want get-in-on-the-ground-floor vibes.”

The Non-Fungible Company (NFC) has been operating as a one-stop shop for all things Web 3.0, from developing smart contracts to collaborating with the next gen players since 2021. The organization builds strategy and technology features for businesses that want to add NFT-related initiatives that will benefit the world. They will deliver all of the prizes and giveaways the Angry Sheep Club has advertised using the money made from minting at each Presale. The initiative is self-sustaining; the more participants contribute, the more they gain from it. 



Media Contact

Organization: Angry Sheep Club

Contact Person: Pascal Vaillancourt



Address 1: Business Center 1, M Floor, The Meydan Hotel, Nad Al Sheba

City: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

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