ALINK AI Launches Blockchain-Based Marketplace for Artificial General Intelligence Services

Paolo Alto, USA, 2nd March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, ALINK AI, a US-based project, is working on a blockchain-based open and decentralised marketplace for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) services. The platform allows anyone with an internet connection to request and provide services germane to AGI.

The field of AGI is observing unprecedented developments, but it needs to be democratised so that everyone can take great advantage of the new technology. ALINK AI facilitates this through its platform, which enables individuals and businesses to access AGI services without having to invest in expensive infrastructure and resources required for on-premise training.

ALINK AI provides three primary services to its users on their platform, which are Training-as-a-Service, Data Marketplace, and AI Model Offerings.

Training-as-a-Service on ALINK AI’s platform enables individuals to train their own AI models without the need to invest in the necessary infrastructure and resources that are typically required for on-premise training. Furthermore, resource providers can earn money by offering their hardware to the individuals who are looking to train their models.

ALINK AI’s Data Marketplace provides a secure and efficient platform for buying, selling, and trading data. The marketplace serves as an intermediary between data providers and consumers, allowing them to securely and efficiently connect with each other and conduct transactions.

Apart from the afore-mentioned services, ALINK AI’s platform also allows AI developers to generate revenue by monetizing their sophisticated AI models. The platform offers advanced AI usage analytics, as well as team management and coordination features. These add-ons aid AI developers in maximising the profit of their services.

Transactions on the platform consume ALINK native tokens, which act as a means of exchange for accessing AI services, paying for computation and storage, and incentivizing network participants.

ALINK AI is calling for participants to their airdrop program, which is giving away a total of 600,000 ALINK tokens. Each participant can earn up to 30 ALINK, which will be worth approximately $30 when ALINK is tradable.

“We are thrilled to launch ALINK AI’s blockchain-based marketplace for AGI services,” said the CEO of ALINK AI. “Our platform provides a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to access AGI services without investing in expensive infrastructure and resources required for on-premise training. We aim to democratise the field of AGI so that everyone can benefit from its developments. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to easily navigate and use its services.”

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