A Detailed Book on Cloning Plants Presented by Master Grower

Roseville, United States — A new book about commercially-grown THC-containing plants was released during July, by Adam Spencer at the CannaCon Midwest Expo.

Adam Spencer is a cofounder of a nursery for clone plants and a seasoned master grower. His book discusses his experiences in commercial plant cultivation in-house.

The reader is taught in depth the differences between clones and seedlings of plants and what aspects of genetics are most important to take into consideration. The author contrasts seedlings with clones and explains the distinctions in great detail.

Spencer discusses lighting techniques to grow plants by using grow lights. He discusses the distinctions between the different kinds of lighting: led, hps and t5. The book provides the rating of the top lighting equipment for growing.

The author explains how to create the perfect grow room for cultivating plants. He gives us the secrets to the nursery. He relates his first experiences with growing tents to achieve a fast outcome of cultivation. The author discusses the mistakes that beginners make when selecting a grow tent.

The author discusses the basic elements of making a plant climate. The person who reads the book discovers the needs of the environment for the cultivation of plants. Spencer is attentive not just to professionals as well as novice cultivators. The author provides basic and sophisticated guidelines, for example, how to install the carbon filter to a grow tent.

The author describes which nutrients and types of fertilizer are utilized in his nursery for the growth of plants. The book provides a rating of the most effective nutrients and explains what is most suitable for seedlings as well as clones.

The reader is taught about the care of plants once they have been harvested. For instance, the writer clarifies the differences between the commercial and domestic buds trimmers. The book also outlines the rating of the best trimming machines based on their capacity and the purpose they serve.

The reader will learn about the advantages and drawbacks of various substrates from mineral wool to normal soil. Spencer offers the secret of which substrates are best in commercial-scale. The book offers examples of how to build hydroponic systems and provides tips on how to maintain these systems.

The author has a master’s level degree of plant biology at UC Davis. Spencer can proactively recognize nutritional deficiencies and has a deep understanding of comprehensive pest control. The author has experience in the field of crop management as well as commercial agriculture. The author is an expert in the detection of plant diseases, pests. Adam’s knowledge of advanced technology is a resource for any team. In his book, he explains THC breeding methods for plants including new strains, genetics and new varieties.

The book is through the website of Spencer’s Wholesale Company which sells plant clones.

Media Contact:

Company Name: AwesomeClones

Contact Person: Adam Spencer

Email: awesomeclones1@gmail.com

Phone: (310) 728-7725

Website: https://awesomeclones.com/

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