18th Story Studio – A Creative Design Studio Paving The Way For Innovative Design

New York, NY, United States, 21st Nov 2022 – Creative arts are considered a method of creative expression & how artists represent and express their ideas and motions through a visual medium. Mastering this, the creative studio 18th Story presents their mesmerizing art.

Based in New York, 18th Story Studio is dedicated to making illustrations, moving images, and animations. Not bound to one area, 18th Story Studio’s versatile crew of artists and creatives use various production techniques, like 2D and 3D animation and flat illustrations, to create masterful productions. The creative arts are a form of expression unbound by language, presenting a challenge for artists to portray and convey everything through artistic communication.

Creative arts is based entirely on skill, imagination, and absolute inspiration. The experienced team of artists is capable of delivering high-quality work. Led by experienced and adroit directors capable of producing and managing any campaigns, 18th Story Studio’s team can create and manage effective campaigns by applying their artistic expressions, expanding the boundaries of possibility in delivering impactful design work.

Greenpeace is a non-profit global environmental protection and advocacy organization working with 18th Story Studio to produce illustrations promoting ecological protection and awareness for Earth Day, with an express focus on encouraging people to preserve and safeguard the natural environment. Greenpeace has extended congratulations and gratitude to 18th Story Studio for delivering an effective campaign on Earth Day, accurately portraying cause and effect through illustrations to grow awareness.

18th Story Studio is on a mission to take savvier approaches to develop and build unique brand voices for each campaign and client. It is dedicated to going above and beyond to help clients expand their reach and nurture the seeds of every great idea. The studio helps clients transform each creative idea into beautiful, transfixing, high-quality artwork that exceeds their expectations. Achieving such lofty goals requires patience, endurance, and dedication. 18th Story’s team comprises creative individuals well-versed in the ability to think out of the box. The creative team enjoys taking on the challenge of creating unique, compelling, and exciting brand campaigns for clients across all industries without compromising on delivering top-notch results.

Advocating equality for all, 18th Story Studio is planning to launch a complete series for female artists. The primary theme of the campaign will be feminism, and it will feature the documentation of recent feminist movements worldwide. 18th Story will also create illustrative designs for the event’s motion graphics to fully harness the opportunity the event offers for promoting an important cause.

Media Contact

Organization: 18th Story

Contact Person: 18th Story

Email: hello@18thstory.org

Website: https://18thstory.org/

City: New York

State: NY

Country: United States

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